Bitcoin Retirement: Women Investors Are Missing Out

How Women Can Invest in Bitcoin for Retirement

Since Bitcoin became eligible as a retirement IRA investment, a number of companies have popped up advertising services setting up self-directed accounts. However, this is a true buyer beware situation and women need to know the difference in services these companies provide. Studies show that women are busier and more stressed than their male partners in life. The reason behind it being that women still do the lion’s share of the housework: between seventy and eighty per cent. And if they have children, the bulk of the childcare also falls to them.

When it comes to investing in Bitcoin for retirement, women have less time to spend sifting through these pop-up companies to find the real-deal. Here’s what you need to know about getting started in a Bitcoin IRA.

A few new companies offer investors down a “do-it-yourself” path. This requires the investor to find a trustworthy Bitcoin exchange platform, purchase the Bitcoins, and securely store the investment. What’s more, it’s up to the investor to ensure IRS-compliance for all transactions which can be a lot of risk for the average person.

A full-service company, such, can help alleviate all the risks and save a lot time for women investors. These companies set up your account, rollover funds from an existing IRA, make the exchange and buy Bitcoin, and then take responsibility for the security of your transaction. They also ensure IRS compliance during the entire process.


Women need to invest a portion of their overall retirement portfolio into a high-growth asset. Bitcoin is the perfect investment to help cover the difference caused by wage-gap and time away from the workforce to raise a family. The future is female and Bitcoin can help ensure that the future is financially sound.

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