Letter to America from Australia

God's Rule

. What we are witnessing in America is a galvanized reaction to liberalism, free trade and globalization.Many Americans believe that liberalism has failed them. But a nation is judged by God and blessed by God. It is not democracy that makes a nation great, or the election of one party instead of another.

With the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States of America, we are seeing the desire for a strong, safe and peaceful era. Socialism is too weak to oppose the forces of capitalism and too idealistic to govern the real world. Liberalism and free trade, deregulation and off shore businesses weaken the USA and Australia's economy, lowers job opportunities and engenders unsafe political interests abroad.

It is true that whatever political system is adopted a country is only as good as its leaders and as bad as its divisions. A democracy requires responsibility, politically and socially. . A true leader asks God for wisdom to rule, like Solomon did.

The Christian Post