If We Unite, We Can Win!


America currently faces numerous unprecedented challenges which threaten to snuff out our freedom. This election could be our last chance to elect a truly pro-America, pro-life president. We all need to pray hard and unite behind one candidate. If we unite, we can win. After prayer, research, and sifting through the pile of lies in the media, we support Senator Ted Cruz.

Before we share more, let this be clear: We do not desire to start a social media war among friends. We simply want to present what we've learned. And we do so with love of God and country. If you think we're wrong, please refrain from personally attacking us. We wouldn't do that to you. Please be kind. Any threats or mean comments will simply reflect the inner character of the speaker. We refuse to engage in mud-slinging. Why? We love the Lord and, with His love, we love you, too. Period.

We now face a winnowed field of candidates. Perhaps you wish someone had stayed in the race. Perhaps you remain undecided. While candidates desired our endorsement, we postponed it because of a few personal reasons. But today we prayerfully and publicly endorse Ted Cruz. We do so with respect and love of our neighbor. Some will accuse us of wanting a theocracy. That's false. Some will accuse us of being unfair to certain people groups. That, too, is false. We love all people and want America to be the beautiful melting pot it has been in the past with people of all backgrounds and races.

We’ve had the opportunity to visit with Senator Cruz various times. We've prayed with him. We've asked him questions. We are friends with people who know him well. We truly believe that he is a man who loves the Lord and loves people as in “we the people”.

While we reached this decision independently, we agree with respected leaders like Dr. James Dobson, Senator Jim DeMint, Max Lucado, Thomas Sowell, Tony Perkins, Steve Deace, David Barton, etc. that Ted Cruz is the man our country needs. He lives and breathes freedom and faith in Jesus Christ. Ted memorized the U.S. Constitution as a teenager. He’s won U.S. Supreme Court cases in defense of liberty and won a surprising victory in the Texas U.S. Senate.

With the Bible and Constitution on his mind and in his heart, Ted Cruz stands ready to lead in the White House. Ted wants to welcome legal immigrants with open arms and improve the quality of life for men and women of all races and backgrounds. Ted has impressive accomplishments in fighting for border security and national security and strengthening our military, protecting life and marriage, building up the economy, and standing up for the Second Amendment. Ted has impressive, detailed plans to strengthen our country in a multi-faceted way. Yes, with God’s help, "President Cruz" could turn our country around. Please read all about his positions and accomplishments at www.tedcruz.org.

Remember, this race is about the number of delegates won –not states. With that said, this election is far from over. We urge you to unite and vote for Ted Cruz. Our freedom depends on it.

No matter what, we trust in Christ as our King. "You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected” (Matthew 24:44, NLT). With that in mind, let us all pray and love each other in America today.

In Heaven, politics as we know it will be no more. (Did I hear a hallelujah?!) But how we love Jesus and others will be forever. Jesus said, "Love one another..."

Share the truth...with love and not a shove, folks. With that said, we endorse Ted Cruz for President.

In God we still trust,
Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth Stoelting
Sisters and Founders of Unite the USA

The Christian Post