When the Pastor’s Family Has Destructive Secrets

Pastor Adam Wells in the movie Beyond the Farthest Star

Some pastors greet their congregations with deceptive smiles. Instead of joy the smile hides deep sadness.

According to a recent LifeWay Research survey, 55 percent of Protestant pastors report being lonely and discouraged. Loneliness is most common in younger pastors and pastors of large churches.

Pastor Ron Edmondson offers an explanation: “Pastors seldom know who we can trust... Most senior pastors have been burned by someone they once trusted.”

The new Christian movie Beyond the Farthest Star delves into this topic by telling the story of Pastor Adam Wells and his wife Maureen who keep secrets from their teenage daughter Anne. Family secrets alienate the family.

Adam has dreamed of greatness since his childhood when the press predicted the child preacher would be the next Billy Graham. But those dreams are dying.

Adam’s self-worth and identity have been distorted by the failure to earn his earthly father’s approval and he fears losing his pastoring job due to his daughter’s rebellious streak.

 In an interview with Christian Cinema, movie director Andrew Librizzi said, “I think oftentimes when we mess up our priorities, it’s due to this blindness caused by an ‘approval’ issue.”

Besides pastors, numerous church members and especially singles, also struggle with loneliness, discouragement and trust issues.

For Librizzi it is important that Christian films be true to life and show Christian characters that are not sanitized. These movies must show real life to show real hope. “When faith-based movies focus on message only and ignore or offer only superficial portraits of people and the lives they find themselves living, they fail to effectively communicate with the people who need most to hear of a God who, not only, is touched by but also offers help in their time of need.”

Beyond the Farthest Star will open in select theaters beginning August 10th. Church groups can can guarantee the movie will come to a movie theater near them by promoting a movie event and purchasing tickets in advance online. Tickets are available through GATHR, the theater-on-demand service.

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