NFL Players Disrespect Flag, But Bow to Soros

Though craftily manipulated, the one thing the NFL and other professional athletes have done was to bow to one person who relishes the very fact that they deplore the flag of the United States of America is a mysterious billionaire named George Soros. In their efforts to demonstrate against what it stands for by kneeling, the gladiators kneel to his rule and domain.

It is he who admittedly sees himself as a “kind of god,” must also feel the power of his will to bring down not just America, but the world itself in order to continue the dreams of his own father—to create a one world society, complete with its own unique language known as Esperanto. In fact, George’s actual name was supposed to have been Schwartz, but his Jewish father Tividar changed the family’s name to Soros, which in the Esperanto language means “to soar.” in his 1991 book Underwriting Democracy, Soros said: “If truth be known, I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood,”

Although and atheist, Soros has also described himself as being similar to the God of the Old Testament. He believes that he and Jehovah share some of the same attributes. In addition to being “some kind of a god,” he envisions himself of being “the creator of everything.” Like God, Soros adds, “[Y]ou know, like invisible. I was pretty invisible. Benevolent. I was pretty benevolent. All-seeing. I tried to be all-seeing.”
Soros is Hungarian, born in Budapest in 1930 and by the time the Nazi war machine had begun its campaign to identify and eventually begin the systematic extermination of the Jewish race and others, Tavidar had arranged to divide his children among non-Jewish friends and business associates. He paid them bribes to conceal their Jewish background. George’s “godparents” took care of him and at the age of fourteen he sometimes accompanied his godfather on his routes to deliver deportation notices to the Hungarian Jews, and confiscate their property on behalf of the German government.

So how does the kneeling professional athletes link to George Soros? First of all, their inspiration to a great extent comes from former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kapernick. Kapernick’s primary influence comes from his girlfriend Nessa Diab. The online news source The Daily Caller pin-pointed the cause in its article titled “Kaepernick’s Support Of Black Lives Matter Began After Dating Activist DJ.” In addition Vibe magazine also attributes Kapernick’s drastic change to Nessa and the Black Lives Matter Movement. On the BLM website, the issue of police killing black people is only one out of about thirteen key issues, including eliminating the traditional family structure and establishing homosexuality as the societal norm. Marxist socialism is the ruling form of government and the specter of Soros’ one-world society rings prominent!
Having established these facts as being intertwined, please note that Soros has given the Black Lives Movement 100 million dollars! With that amount of money, it can go a long way to develop and establish an extensive network and organization in its own right! Remember Mr. Soros’ power is to “create while remaining invisible.” He is truly seeking to be a god of this world!

So as we connect the final pieces together, let us now examine the professional athletes who have joined in to support Kapernick’s rejection of the American flag and the national anthem. Even in spite of President Donald Trump’s unadvised allegory, the issue of “police killing a disproportionate number blacks” is appallingly false, but plays into the hands of those who want to believe it. You see, socialists always need victims to further their causes, and Soros does not mind pouring such a great amount of money into an organization determined to use black people to further both their and his life’s mission.
So Colin Kapernick and the other NFL athletes are now kneeling in rejection of America and all that God has allowed them to accomplish in life, but as they kneel I what they believe is a protest to the greatest nation to have ever existed, it is plain to see that they are actually bowing to the one man who has been manipulating them all along—George Soros!

The Christian Post