A Very Serious Moment Denied

Reuters Apparently Panicked When Black Congregation Blessed Trump

As I sat in my living room and witnessed Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump enter into the sanctuary of the Great Faith Ministries International and presented himself as one who expressed concern for the plight of many black Americans. After his well-received speech, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson then produced the Hebrew prayer shawl—the tallit—and told Mr. Trump (and America) its historical and spiritual significance.

Some may describe the moment as an atmosphere filled with electricity, but those who know and understand, recognize that the moment was filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. One thing was certain: the Reuters News cameraman was ordered to cut the live feed. My suspicion was aroused when at that very moment the coverage on FOX News was interrupted and a reporter appeared in a vain attempt to explain that Bishop Jackson was presenting Mr. Trump with a “prayer rug.”

I immediately turned my TV to the MSNBC channel and was just as disappointed. Neither ABC, NBC, CBS and not even C-SPAN were continuing (if they ever started) the coverage at the point whether the bishop and his ministerial staff would pray for Mr. Trump and/or anoint him with oil. In either case, the moment was a highly spiritual one! The predominantly-black congregation was cheering, praising God and expressed voices of approval during the entire event.

Obviously, the spiritual realm was shaken terribly! That which was happening within the church could not get out… it had to be contained. So orders were immediately sent down from high. Shut it down! I suspect that the reason Reuters shut down that part of the coverage of Trump’s visit to the black church has two parts: one political and the other spiritual.

For the media, black people are not supposed to express acceptance and goodness towards a Republican, especially a conservative. It would not be a surprise to hear that Reuters and the media as a whole expected Mr. Trump to be booed and hissed. The media and their Democrat cohorts have worked long and hard to keep black America compliant. So to immediately cut the coverage was the result of panic, not good and credible journalism.

Secondly, the continued misery and bondage of blacks—primarily but unfortunately instituted in part through the church itself—are the result of a spiritual blindness imposed through the false teachings and preachings which seek to place blame rather than bring deliverance. Preachers often place blame on racism, economic unfairness, bigotry and other maladies, but we know that these accusations are designed to preserve the very bondage many claim to deliver people from. Bishop Jackson’s presentation of the prayer shawl and the ensuing moments were critical, possibly foreshadowing those things yet to come. I believe that Reuters recognized this and panicked. America, especially black America was not to see such a sight! Bishop Jackson and Great Faith Ministries International could be ground zero for a second Great Awakening starting within the African American community.

So let us as a nation of believers sincerely pray for Bishop Jackson, his staff and the Great Faith Ministries family. Satan will send messengers to buffet them. The Democratic Party’s greatest fear is now at hand—the opening of the eyes of black America itself!

The Christian Post