Have Eyes To See, Ears To Hear

The Spiritually Blind and Deaf, they walk this World in fear
Oh, if they could only have eyes to see, and ears to hear
The consequences, of not asking Christ into their heart
To never be in God’s Presence, yes, Forever apart
There is but One Way, into God’s Presence, through Christ Jesus
This was the decision, made by God Almighty, not Us
God and Jesus Christ, have Unconditional Love for YOU
And They have Everlasting Life, with Them, waiting for YOU
YOU cannot earn your way, buy your way, or lie your way There
YOU can always try to get There, your own way, if YOU dare
YOU can also research other options, to what I say
The bottom line is, through Jesus Christ, is The Only Way
This is a personal choice, which should not be made lightly
It’s a personal relationship, with God Almighty
Listen closely to what We share with YOU, about Jesus
What your only two options are, is what We will discuss
In God’s Immediate Presence, for All Eternity
Or separated from God’s Presence, for Eternity
Sounds like an easy choice, a given, some people may say
YOU may be surprised, at how many refuse God, Today
In God’s Immediate Presence, with Everlasting Life
Believers wish to show YOU, The Way, The Truth, and The Life
Accept Christ, into your heart, welcome Him, into your Life
YOU now live for God, through Jesus, your true purpose in Life

The Christian Post