A Conversation

Hey, let me ask YOU, how are things going in your Life today
Is everything working, like a well oiled machine each day
Oh my, I’m so sorry for the trials YOU are going through
May I ask, is your family surrounding, and helping YOU
Also, can YOU feel their Love, embracing, and comforting YOU
Are they providing counsel, guidance, and alternatives, too
Do YOU find yourself wondering, does anyone have my back
Is there something I’m missing, is there some connection I lack
Well then, may I ask YOU, do YOU have Jesus Christ, in your Life
And is God Almighty, the first priority in your Life
Oh, YOU don’t believe in God Almighty, or in Jesus Christ
So, YOU don’t acknowledge God, or what Jesus Christ sacrificed
May I ask, have YOU ever felt someone tugging on your heart
Truly begging for your attention, YOU have, well that’s a start
Have YOU ever felt, as though someone is watching out for YOU
No matter how far off your path YOU step, He keeps nudging YOU
Did YOU know God Almighty, continuously pursues YOU
To take part in your Life, He unconditionally Loves YOU
So much so, His Only Son, Jesus, died to pay your sin debt
If YOU don’t know Them, then I believe, it’s time YOU four met
What’s that, Oh, what do I mean by four, well, let me explain it
God Almighty, The Lord Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit
Each of Them, will work in your Life, to carefully nurture YOU
Remember, it’s all about God Almighty, not about YOU
Jesus died upon The Cross, He did this willfully, for YOU
And God Almighty raised Him from the grave, yes, again for YOU
Jesus ascended into Heaven, once more, this was for YOU
Then Jesus sent The Holy Spirit, to guide and counsel YOU
YOU were created, to be in God’s Immediate Presence
I can say these words, with the utmost and sincere confidence
God wants YOU to know His Love, to feel Him overwhelming YOU
The Father has such great plans, designed specifically for YOU
How do I know this, YOU ask, how can I truly be certain
Well, because I have Faith, in God Almighty, and Christ, His Son
I have welcomed Them into my heart, and into my Life, too
Now, my dear friend, may I ask, with this knowledge, what will YOU do
Would YOU like to have the feeling, that Jesus Christ has your back
Yes, Love, guidance, and protection, these things YOU will never lack
Great, because this is the reason, we’ve been talking here tonight
Perhaps, YOU have ears to hear, blinders removed, giving YOU sight
YOU must admit, you’re a sinner, and don’t deserve forgiveness
But YOU ask God to forgive YOU, by The Blood of Christ Jesus
Jesus Christ, is God’s Son, God raised Jesus from the grave, for YOU
Jesus is Alive, and sits at The Right Hand of God, it’s true
So, YOU repent from your sin, and turn back to God Almighty
Welcome my Brother or Sister, in Christ, now you’re family
May Our God Bless YOU, in His Mighty Way, from this day forward
And may all your thoughts and questions, through Jesus Christ be answered

The Christian Post