Stop Trying to Change the World

I’ve been guilty of this as much as anyone – encouraging people to “change the world.” It’s true that some people leave that kind of legacy, but for most of us, just changing OUR world is enough. I know too many people who are focused on the lofty goal of changing the world, but their marriage is in shambles, their kids are miserable, or they are failing at their job. Changing the world is a noble goal, but not at the expense oflosing your family, or failing at what you’re doing now.

Let’s do this – let’s chill on the “changing the world” rhetoric, and focus more on changing ourselves, our family, or our neighborhood. Start there. And once you’re on the right track, then you can move out from there, and expand your influence.

Changing the world is a step by step process, and if we miss one of those steps, the end result isn’t nearly as powerful as we think.

The Christian Post