Fun Ideas For Summer Bible Camp

Summer is fast approaching and thousands of churches across the nation will be gearing up for their annual Summer Bible Camps. For kids across the country, summer bible camp is often one of the highlights of the year. It’s important to make sure your camp is as fun and engaging as possible — it will ensure participants get the most out of the experience and come back next year hungry for more! This article will give a brief overview of a few ideas that will help make sure your Summer Bible Camp is as fun as possible.

Inclusive On-Stage Play

Elementary school children at your camp will love to feel involved in everything. Have camp attendees participate in a play (or series of plays) that will help kids be creative and inclusive with their fellow camp friends. Divide children up by age and have them choose their favorite Bible story — allow them the creative license to act and illustrate the scene the way they want to. Make sure the script has been organized, roles have been chosen, and the play has been rehearsed. Then have each group act out their play in front of the whole camp. By dividing children into groups you can ensure that every camp attendant plays an active role in their production.

Item to Share

At the end of each day of camp have the children in each class write their name on a piece of paper and put it into a hat or a jar. Then have each child draw a slip of paper out of the jar with another student’s name on it. This student will then be the person’s sharing buddy for the next day. Each morning have the children bring in an item to share with their sharing buddy, this could be a small gift or toy, or perhaps a treat. This teaches the kids the valuable message of sharing with one another — one of Jesus’ primary teachings. In addition, it gives the camp participants something fun to look forward to each morning. Make sure to change partners every afternoon so kids get to engage with as many members of the class as possible!

Bible Verse Incentives

Scripture is one of the primary ways of communicating God’s message with the children at your camp. Having participants memorize different important scripture verses can be a fun way of communicating God’s message to the class. It’s always a great idea to make the activity more fun and engaging — create incentives for the kids who take the time to memorize the Bible verses you provide. One unique way of doing so is to give custom stickers to kids who memorize their Bible verses —you can create a specific sticker for each verse that is memorized. Another fun idea is to have the kids create a sticker book so that they can place each of their bible verse stickers inside.

Get Ready!

One of the best ways to ensure your camp is fun for everyone involved is to be well prepared! Make sure that you have an itinerary mapped out for every hour of every day, and that all the volunteers are well aware of their roles and duties. Try and get some of the teenagers in your church to volunteer if they don’t already do so — younger kids look up to middle and high school kids. Hopefully,you can incorporate some of the affordable activities we’ve written about in this post — make sure to search the internet for other cool and creative Summer Bible Camp ideas.

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