Repentance: The Reformation Continues (Day 1)

In the first message of the conference, Scott Brown made it clear that repentance is a wonderful gift from God and is a gateway to joy. It manifests itself as a result of conversion and brings about a lifetime of increasing joy as the poisons of sin are drawn out through repentance. I believe this is why the early church father, Tertullian, said, "I was born for nothing but repentance." [1] 

He said that on a personal level, it has been a hard year - and helpful at the same time. Most men who preach find that what they are preaching about also falls hard on their souls. The Lord makes them walk through what they are preaching. Someone once called it, the sweet torture of preaching. It is sweet because it has a sweetening effect on your soul, but it can also be hard. Similarly, he found that spending the past year preparing for a Repentance Conference has been hard and sweet at the same time. It brought him unexpected opportunities to search his heart, see his sins and repent.

There will be messages on twenty-five Biblical texts on repentance.

These texts will unpack treasures from the Word of God. Scott said that he designed this conference to give a broad picture of repentance through various passages of scripture. He took those passages and assigned them to the speakers.

Almost all of the speakers are from churches which are part of the NCFIC Church network.

He prayed that we would all hear of the depth and the breath of God’s love found in His gift of repentance expressed in these texts from the Bible. Because He loves us so, He gives us a means of refreshment.

[1] Calvary Life Fellowship. Accessed October 12, 2017.


Please consider coming to our national conference: Repentance - The Reformation Continues - October 26-28 in Asheville NC.

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