The Behaviors of the Just

What behaviors does God expect of a just person? I was reading Ezekiel chapter 18 and I read some interesting things about the life of a person whom God considers just in Israel. God has not changed, so let us look into those behaviors in Ezekiel chapter 18 verses 5 through 9. It may be a good reminder for us today on practical living. By the way, who is a just person?

A just person is one who has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord. One who has accepted God’s pronouncement that he/she is a sinner and needs a Savior. Such a one has confessed that he is a sinner, repents of his sin and turns to Jesus Christ in faith for redemption. He/She is justified in God’s sight and is no longer a sinner. She is now a just person. She is a righteous person in Jesus Christ, because she has accepted God’s offer of salvation. The Lord Jesus Christ paid the penalty for the sins of the whole world through His death on the cross of Calvary over 2000 years ago. All we have to do is to accept Him.

Note how Verse 5 begins: “ But if a man is just and does ……….” The behavior’s of a man or woman does not make him or her just. He is just first through his faith.

V 5 - The just person obeys the law of the country in which he is living or visiting. He does what is right in the sight of God. He does the right things even if he has to deny his own desires. He reads and meditates on the Word of God and follows it. “The law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul……” Psalm 19:7 The Lord Jesus summed up the law for us in Matthew 22:36-40 – Love the Lord Your God with all of your being and love your neighbor as you love yourself. When we love the Lord our God with all of our being, we will do the things that please Him. The Lord Jesus said to the Pharisees in John 8:29: …….”I always do those things that please Him.” (The Father)

V6 -When we love the Lord, we will obey and worship Him. We will have no place in our living for worshipping ourselves, our children, our animals, other people, our careers, political parties or any other things. In loving our neighbors as we love ourselves, we will do no harm to them. Loving our Lord with all of our heart will keep us from coveting or lusting after our neighbor’s spouse, children or anyone else.

V7 - A just person will show mercy to others. She is not oppressive. Matthew 5:7 tells us if we are merciful to others, we will be rewarded with mercy. A just person pays her bills , loans, credit cards, taxes and fulfills any other obligations she may have. A just person is content. He is a peaceful person and does not covet or take what is not his. A just person feeds the hungry or gives to a charity that feeds the hungry. He donates clothes to those who are in need.

V8 - A just person will not exact interest from the borrower on his loan. His loans to others in need will be interest free. A just person is neither partial nor bias in executing judgment.

V9 - He lives by the Word of God. In other words, He lives by faith. It takes faith in God to live out the above. Micah 6:8 renders it this way – “And what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?”

The key to obeying God in our daily living is love. When we truly love our Savior - the Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, we will pursue living out His righteousness. I use the word pursue, because we will slip up, we will forget. We will fail in our weaknesses. However, God is faithful. Remember we are clothed in His righteousness. The just - the righteous shall live by his/her faith. The person in Ezekiel chapter 18 lived by faith – looking forward for the Savior. Today we also live by faith. Our faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.

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