Hollywood Star Paints Fabulous Picture of Jesus Christ

Hollywood superstars are known for a lot of things. This includes their extravagant spending, their wild lifestyles, and their movies. We often hear about the dubious acts of these superstars with various reports on CNN Live breaking news and other news channels. It therefore makes a nice change to hear about a superstar who has put his talents to good use.

Last year, we heard a lot about the actor Jim Carrey being sued over his girlfriend’s death on live breaking news on CNN. This was for allegedly supplying his girlfriend with prescription drugs that ultimate led to her death. Despite the controversy that the star went through last year, it seems that he has reached a turning point. Rather than listening to CNN live breaking news about what he’s done wrong, we have been hearing about his commitment to God and Jesus.

Carrey’s amazing Jesus painting

Just last month, it was reported that the Hollywood star had been preaching the hope of Jesus to former inmates. He spoke to the former inmates from the heart about how he felt the room was filled with God. He also said that suffering had led to his salvation and that God was in all of us.

He has now surprised people again. The star recently made a documentary called ‘I Needed Color’. In it, he speaks about his love of art and the way it makes him feel. During one of the scenes in the documentary, the star paints a picture of Jesus and accord to reports viewers were stunned by just how good the painting was.

As he painted, Carrey spoke out about the energy that surrounds Christ, describing it has ‘electric’. He also said that every race could be found in the face of Christ and that every race thought that he belonged to them.

A man of many talents

While people often watch news channels for things such as CNN politics, it’s nice to see media reports about how a Hollywood star has turned his life around. Aged 55, Carrey has starred in many moves over recent decades. He became known as the hilarious Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. However, he went on the make many other movies including The Truman Show, Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar, and The Mask to name but a few. He has become a much-loved actor over the years, and his artwork shows that he is truly multi-talented.

Reports about the painting of Jesus that was created by Carrey have been in news reports around the world. The painting did, of course, have it critics but it was well received by many. A lot of people had no idea that the star had artistic flair. However, in his own words Carrey has stated that art has really helped him and this is something that is reflected in the way in which he paints. Many believe that his art shows his vulnerability, and this is something that the star seems to agree with.

The Christian Post