Planned Parenthood Gets by with a lot of Help from its Friends

This opinion column appeared on on 9/05/2012.

Author: Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Steven Aden

Planned Parenthood has announced it will be spending more than $3 million in Ohio and Virginia to ensure Gov. Mitt Romney loses in those two states.

From Planned Parenthood’s viewpoint, there’s simply too much at stake to do otherwise: for Romney has voiced support for overturning Roe v. Wade and passing a constitutional amendment which defines life as beginning at conception. And we all know that nothing raises the ire of the nation’s number one abortion provider more than talking about protecting innocent life.

This campaign against Romney will be largely carried out in television ads “beginning in mid-September.” To that end, Planned Parenthood has already purchased $3.2 million in ad time in strategic areas in both states. (The abortion provider has already spent another $1.4 million in Iowa, Florida, and Northern Virginia in June.)

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