August 31st Webinar: Meet the Most Courageous Pastor in America

Author: Speak Up Church

Guest Blog by Jim Garlow: Pastor, Skyline Wesleyan Church, San Diego

Dear Pastors & Christian Leaders,

Who is the most courageous pastor in America? There are likely many candidates for this title, but I would nominate Pastor Ruben Diaz of New York City. After you hear what he stands for and what he has endured, you might want to nominate him, too.

But more importantly, you have the privilege of hearing him in a special nationwide webinar for pastors (from either your phone or your computer) this Wednesday, August 31 at 9 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, 12 Noon Eastern.

Ruben serves as pastor of, the Christian Community Neighborhood Church in New York City, in the Bronx. But there is more. He is a New York State Senator. But there is even more. Prior to being a Senator, he served on the New York City Council, winning the election 79% to 22%, the only ordained minister serving on the council.

But there is yet even more. In liberal New York City, he is 100% pro-life, one of very few – if not the only – Democrat State Senator to hold to the biblical position.

And – as you would expect – yes, there is even more. Pastor Diaz has fought hard for traditional, natural marriage, the only Democrat to stand for one man-one woman marriage in bitterly fought legislative battles year after year.

But Pastor Diaz stood – like a rock. And he has paid dearly. 

Bottom line: (1) he may well be the most courageous pastor in America, and (2) you can hear him in a pastors webinar interview the Wednesday, August 31.

You will also hear from the “elder statesman” of Evangelical Christianity, one of the nation’s finest thinkers, Chuck Colson.

And you will meet Dudley Rutherford, one of America’s most creative mega church pastors. Dudley is now raising approximately $33 million for their new auditorium located a short distance from Los Angeles.

Dudley would also be a candidate for the “most courageous award”, due to his stand for traditional marriage in California (Prop 8), as well as the “most compassionate award!” His ministry is so expansive and benevolent that the Mayor of Los Angeles has made trips to his church just to publicly thank them for what they do.

Why are we having a webinar? Because pastors like Ruben and Dudley, along with thinker Chuck Colson and Attorney Erik Stanley, want you to know about “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” coming October 2, 2011, which is – as God blesses it – about to be used as one of the ingredients which so emboldens pastors as to move America closer –we pray – to the next Great Awakening!

Sign up for the Wednesday, August 31 webinar, by either computer or phone, by AUGUST 31.

Find out about Pulpit Freedom Sunday by going to and listening to the one minute video. In addition, you can listen to a 4+ minute audio by clicking here (mp3 file).

Once again, to hear Dudley Rutherford, Chuck Colson, and the remarkable story of Pastor Ruben Diaz, sign up now for the Wednesday, August 31 Webinar, by phone or computer, by clicking here.

Reminder – the starting times are: 9 AM Pacific, 10 AM Mountain, 11 AM Central, 12 Noon Eastern.

I am eager for you to hear these outstanding leaders. It will be worth your time.


Jim Garlow
Pastor, Skyline Wesleyan Church, San Diego,
Chairman, Renewing American Leadership, Washington, DC,

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