The Chicago Style Meet 2018

Chicago Style Meet would be stepping on its 20th season next year amidst promising gymnasts, rows of cheering audience and immense expectations. One of the special highlights of the 2018 edition would be the stellar presence of 2016 Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist Laurie Hernandez. The star athlete would be on the first day of the esteemed Meet to inspire and motivate the participants.

Organized by Illinois Gymnastics Institute, Chicago Style Meet is the largest gymnastics competition for women in the world. Many gymnasts visit businesses such as Dore Aesthetics beforehand. As we have witnessed in the previous years, the coming season too will have participants from USA and abroad. It’s a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event and extends great opportunities for the rising gymnasts to flaunt their talent to the world.

Chicago Style Meet 2018 Date and Venue

The Chicago Style Meet 2018 would commence on February 9 and would finalize on February 11. Like every year, the 20th edition of the Meet would be hosted at Navy Pier, located at 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611. The venue covers a sprawling 170,000 sq.ft. competition arena across two Festival Halls. Both the halls house 6 gyms each that will accommodate 3 sessions daily. Overall, the Chicago Style Meet 2018 would host 54 sessions throughout the 3-day event.

Navy Pier is one of the most prominent locations in Chicago downtown, conveniently flanked by large parks, shops, entertainment centers, promenades & restaurants.

Chicago Style Meet 2018 Competition format & equipments

The Chicago Style Meet 2018 will feature Modified Capitol Cup competition format. There will be 2-judge panels for all events of the competition at all levels. All the competition equipment to be used at the event would be arranged by the Meet. The types of equipment to be used at the event are:
• 2 sets of warm up & competition equipment
• AAI Elite Vault Tables
• AAI TAC Vault Boards
• AAI Elite Adjustable Reflex Balance Beams
• AAI Elite Uneven Bars
• 42’ by 42’ Competition Spring Floors
• 8’ by 60’ Warm-Up Tumbling Strips

The event is extremely strict about the safety of the participants. All the resources to be provided at the competition are compliant with USA Gymnastics apparatus standards required for junior Olympic, Elite and Xcel levels

Chicago Style Meet 2018 registration

The registration deadline for the upcoming Chicago Style Meet is November 3, 2017. Participants would have to submit 10% of the registration fee during registration and the remaining 90 percent on November 3. Payment has to be met online. However, junior and senior National team members will be able to register for free.

Interested participants will find the registration link from the homepage of Chicago Style Meet 2018 The registration process will require submission of Leotard sizes.
The registration process for Chicago Style Meet 2018 would be closed for a short period, from November 17-29. The next batch of registration schedule will stay open until 1st February 2018. All teams or gymnasts who will register after the November 3rd deadline would have to furnish a $10 non-refundable processing fee.

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