Like Andrew and Peter

Tony slipped into a seat and waited eagerly for the weekly Bible club to begin. He really enjoyed the club meetings. He liked the songs they were learning, and he looked forward to hearing the story his teacher would tell.

Song time was as good as usual, and then Mrs. Jackson got up to give the lesson. "Today we're going to talk about Jesus' disciples--the men He called to be with him while he was teaching here on earth," she began. "One of them is Andrew. And who do you think was the first person Andrew brought to Jesus?"

Several children raised their hands. "His best friend?" guessed Tony.

"Or maybe some guys who lived near him," suggested Travis.

Mrs. Jackson smiled. "I think Andrew probably told many of his friends and neighbors about Jesus," she replied, "and we certainly should do that, too. But let's not forget that there might be people in our own homes who needs Jesus. The very first person Andrew brought to Jesus was his brother Peter."

Tony squirmed and looked at the floor. His younger brother Jon had wanted to come along to Bible club, but Tony wouldn't let him. "I don't want you tagging along with me," Tony had grumbled, ignoring the tears forming in Jon's eyes.

The next week, Jon was amazed and delighted when Tony said, "It's time for Bible club. Do you want to go?" They hurried to Mrs. Jackson's home.

As Mrs. Jackson gave the lesson, she explained that everyone has sinned and only the blood of Jesus can wash sin away.

Jon fidgeted and whispered something to his brother. Tony nodded, and after club was dismissed, he took Jon to talk with the teacher. "Mrs. Jackson, my brother isn't a Christian, but he wants to become one," said Tony. "Can you tell him again how to do that?"

"I surely can!" exclaimed Mrs. Jackson.

As Tony and Jon walked back to their home, Jon looked up at his brother. "Can I go to Bible club with you again next week?" Jon asked.

"Sure," Tony replied. "From now on we're going to follow Jesus together, just like Andrew and Peter did." At Jon's puzzled look, Tony grinned. "I'll tell you about them," he said. "See, it's like this . . ."

Do you have relatives who don’t know Jesus as Savior? Have you invited them to Sunday school or Bible club? Have you told them Jesus loves them and wants to save them from their sins? If you know Jesus, you should do all you can to bring others to Him. A good place to start is in your own home.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: John 1:41-42 (KJV)
He (Andrew) first found his own brother Simon (Peter) . . . and he brought him to Jesus.

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