Hospital for Sinners?

"Mom, you didn't tell Logan he could invite Max Blackburn to go to Sunday school with us tomorrow, did you?" asked Jana, but she already knew the answer before her mother nodded. "Oh-h-h, Mother!" wailed Jana. "Max is horrid! He's always mean to the girls--actually, he's mean to everybody. He's everything you tell us not to be, and then you turn around and say he can come along to Sunday school with us. If you knew all the awful things Max says and does, you wouldn't even want Logan to be friends with him."

"I don't want Logan to be best friends with Max or to do all that he does," said Mom, "but I want you both to be kind to him."

As she spoke, the door opened and Logan burst into the room, holding his wrist. "I was chopping up sticks in the backyard, and I cut my hand," he gasped.

Mom grabbed a clean cloth and pressed it tightly against the cut. But the wound was deep and when it kept on bleeding, she took her car keys off the hook by the door. "Come along," she said. "We're going to the hospital and get that checked out at the emergency clinic."

At the clinic, a doctor examined Logan's hand and then stitched and bandaged it. Soon they were ready to go back home.

"Those doctors and nurses were cool," said Logan when they got home and he showed Dad the bandages. "They took really good care of my hand, and they were all so nice. I liked 'em all."

Dad smiled. "That's what hospitals and doctors and nurses are for--to take care of the sick and hurting," he said.

"Something like church," mused Mom. "The church is a good place for sin-sick, hurting people who need Jesus." She glanced at her daughter. "Jana, what if hospitals only allowed clean, healthy people in their emergency rooms?"

Jana sighed. "I know you're thinking about Max," she said.

"Max?" asked Logan. "What about him?" He frowned at his sister. "I know you don't like him. He's not my favorite person, either, but he's coming to Sunday school tomorrow and you better be nice to him!"

"I'll be nice! I'll be nice!" promised Jana. "I'll be as nice to him as the doctors and nurses were to you. I know it's good that he's coming, and I'll be nice."

Do you invite only kids who behave nicely to go to church with you? Keep inviting the nice ones—they need Jesus. But those who aren’t so well-behaved or so pleasant to be around need Jesus, too. If you know kids with special behavior problems, be kind to them. Don’t make them your best friends, but treat them nicely and invite them to attend church or Sunday school with you. Let them see Jesus in the way you behave.

I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.

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