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I love theology. However, I get worn out by debates these days.

Several years ago, I went through my “apologetics phase”. I listened to conservative radio, I read conservative books, and I watched conservative documentaries. I read a lot of books by C.S. Lewis and Kenneth Richard Samples and William Lane Craig. Basically, if the authors had three names I read their books.

After awhile, though, all these books became the same. Over and over it felt like I was reading the same evidence, the same arguments, and the same conclusions. Which isn’t a criticism, mind you. Just an observation. I eventually came to a point where I said to myself, “OK, I get it. I’ve read about the freaking ontological argument a GABILLION times, now! I’m gonna go read Harry Potter.”

So I started going through this season where I began to “lighten up”, for lack of a better phrase. I wasn’t reading as many books, but I was still reading the apologetics blogs and listening to the apologetics podcasts. And I came to a place where I agreed with what these guys and gals were saying, but the way they presented it just didn’t sound loving. You know? It felt like there wasn’t a lot of grace.

So I began to wrestle with how to balance Truth with Grace, which is not a popular way of doing things in certain circles. Some people have very strong opinions about other people who try to find balance in their theology. The Extreme Truth guys beat their chests and proclaim loudly that “Truth hurts” while the Extreme Grace guys are trying to gloss over all the icky parts of Christianity so the Gospel can be “for everyone”, and, quite frankly, both of these camps annoy the crap out of me. I don’t want to a be a part of either.

And that’s where I’m at now. Post-apologetics. Trying to find balance. Mixing a Truth and Grace cocktail. Not sure how it’s going to taste, but here goes nothing.

Do you read any theology blogs? What are some of your favorites?

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