Faith Film 'Unconditional' Opens This Weekend!!!

"Unconditional," a inspirational film loosely based on the life of a child advocate, opens in select theatres this weekend. Golden Globe nominated actor Michael Ealy and actress Lynn Collins star in the movie.

The film follows Samantha Crawford (Collins) who is grieving the lost of her husband. Crawford's husband was killed by a mugger, and she is severly depressed. Just as she prepares to kill herself, circumstances lead she to her childhood friend Joe Bradford (Ealy). Bradford, through his troubled past and his current involvement with at-risk youth, helps Crawford find new hope.

The Southern Baptist Convention hosted a screening of the film in June. Praise has since grown for "Unconditional."

The family-friendly Movie Guide gave the film 3 out of 4 stars. Movie Guide praised the film for its acting and inspirational messages despite its moderate violence.

"It has a strong Christian worldview that talks about God’s providence and unconditional love. It clearly calls people to serve those in need, especially children who have no fathers. It shows how God’s love to us and through us can impact the lives of so many people around us," described the review.

A Christian Cinema reviewer raved to BreatheCast, "This movie actually prompted me to action. My kids and I started a company/ministry which has been riddled with technological issues over the last year. But this film helped make up my mind to do whatever it takes to get that program back on track and help at-risk children. I can't say that about any other movie I've seen in the last few years."

The real-life "Papa" Joe Bradford told The Christian Post that sharing his story on the big screen has been "humbling." He hopes more people will be called to action.

"The biggest reason I let them use my story is that it would have an effect on children across the country- you can find needy children everywhere in the world," he told CP.

The Christian Post