Trump victory confirms vision of imprisoned Persian pastor

Trump attracted huge crowds with his magnetic personality and provocative comments

By Mark Ellis

He grabbed world attention when he entered the race for the U.S. presidency uttering great boasts and hurling insults at his opponents. Now stunned political pundits and establishment figures realize there was substance behind the bravado, as Donald Trump won a smashing victory that caught everyone by surprise.

Trump attracted followers and a compliant media with his magnetic personality. Last night they had to reckon with the fact that he is not only a financial genius, but a political genius as well – pulling off an upset very few thought possible.

Yet one Iranian American Christian pastor languishing in one of Iran’s notorious prisons had a powerful vision four years ago that Trump would become president.

In the vision, Christian pastor Saeed Abedini saw “a young man with blue eyes, blond hair. I was sitting with him in a room,” Abedini told the Huffington Post. “Someone told me, ‘He’s going to be the next president of the United States and you’re going to be friends with him.”

At that time, Abedini couldn’t identify the man in the vision, and when the original candidates for president emerged, none of them seemed to line up with his vision, so he questioned if the vision might be connected to a future election.

But one day he happened upon a photograph of a much-younger, “blue-eyed, blonde man” in a Facebook post and his whole body started to shake.

The photo was of a youthful Donald Trump.

“Oh my gosh, this is the one that I saw in the dream!” he told the Huffington Post.


The Christian Post