Sheikh sent to assassinate pastor gets slammed by the Word and the Spirit, is born again

Bishop George Edweu

By Mark Ellis

A Sunni Muslim sheikh, trained in Islamic proselytization, went to a church service in December to kill a Ugandan bishop. Like Saul of Tarsus persecuting the earliest Christians, God had other plans for his life.

In Amuria, about 170 miles northeast of Kampala, Bishop George Edweu of the Pentecostal Upright Church, was preaching December 4th about hearing and understanding the voice of God, according to a report by Morning Star News (MSN).

The 24-year-old sheikh had filtered into the congregation with murderous intent and was sitting calmly among the congregation of 200 people. But as he listened to the bishop’s message, the power of the Gospel began to convict him of sin.

The Word and the Spirit broke through the stony places in the sheikh’s heart, causing him to rush up to the podium and fall headlong at the bishop’s feet.

Bishop Edweu’s eyes widened when he saw the young man approach, he stopped preaching and began to question him.

“I was sent to come and attack, to kill you and destroy the church,” he told the shocked bishop, as tears rolled down the sheikh’s face.

He repented of his sins as the shaken congregation looked on and Bishop Edweu prayed for him.


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