How God answered Francis Chan’s ‘ridiculous’ prayer for a son-in-law

Francis Chan

By Mark Ellis

Many Christian parents have prayed for their children to meet and marry another Christian – preferably a faith-filled, sold-out follower of Jesus.

But when noted author and preacher Francis Chan was impressed by a young man involved with his ministry, he lifted up a bold, audacious, matchmaking prayer and God answered in a way that confounded Francis himself.

“Earlier this year in February I prayed and I asked God for something that was just ridiculous,” Francis Chan told a group at the Finishing the Task conference held at Saddleback Church on December 8th.

Francis had begun to notice a young man involved with his ministries named Justin Clark and became impressed by the insights gained in the younger man’s devotional life. “I would come home and say, ‘Honey, this guy, the way he talks about the Word and the way he talks about his prayer life, I’ve never met anyone like him.’”

“You have a little crush going here,” his wife Lisa said, lightheartedly.

“I do, I love this guy,” he replied.

A short time later during his quiet time with the Lord, Francis took his interest in Justin to another level. “Lord,” he prayed, “you answer everything and you’re so good to me and I’m just going to ask, can you make him my son-in-law?

“He doesn’t even know my daughter, but make him fall in love with my daughter and make my daughter fall in love with him.”

After he lifted up the prayer in February, weeks and months went by, nothing happened, and Francis began to forget about the prayer.


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