God hides 18 Muslim converts under His wing, protects them from attack

Pastor Paul baptizes former Muslim

By Mark Ellis

In the warm clear waters of the Arabian Sea, 18 former Muslims were baptized recently at an early morning service conducted by Bibles for Mideast.

The new believers had personally approached the ministry leaders and requested baptism. “They wanted to be purified in the Spirit and the Water to get ready to meet Jesus Christ – the Bridegroom, who is coming in the clouds soon to take His Bride,” says Pastor Paul. “Our Lord’s return is imminent, they all believe.”

After the baptism service the group worshiped together and celebrated the Lord’s Supper.

“During the worship service two women and a man from among the believers together prophesied in the Spirit to vacate the present shelter soon and move away to another place,” Pastor Paul reports.

Not knowing where the Holy Spirit was leading them, they obeyed the Lord and left the house where they stayed on July 17th and reached a new location a significant distance away from there.

In his farewell to them, Pastor Paul instructed the new believers and the voluntary ministers to conduct regular services and launch further ministries in their new location. “We promised that by God’s grace we would go there to do follow up ministries often and whenever they need our help.”

Little did Pastor Paul realize how God was protecting them in the move.


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