Running A Business on Christian Principles

Many Christians strive in their day to day lives to make their neighborhood, their state, and the world a better place for all. This concern for the state of the world around us should apply equally to our business ventures. In fact, it is while conducting business that many of us are most likely to find ourselves having the trust of a complete stranger placed in us, trust that we will conduct ourselves morally and that the advice we dispense can be trusted. Of course, it is important that our businesses are places that welcome even those we have sharp disagreements with through our doors, otherwise, we are betraying some of the most important values of acceptance that Christians are supposed to follow.

Striking a Balance
Sometimes we may find ourselves put in what feels like an impossible position; having to choose between our faith and our livelihoods. When this occurs, there is no right or wrong way to proceed and it is up to us to apply our best interpretation of the Bible while considering the rights of the customer, as well as our obligations to our business. It can be a very delicate balancing act and it is up to the individual to behave in what they feel is a most appropriate way towards the customer.

Integrity is one of the most important Christian principles to introduce to your business. Integrity is about doing what is morally right and making decisions guided by Christian values rather than financial ones. Honesty between you and your customers isn’t just something you should be doing as a Christian; it makes good business sense to build a relationship and sense of trust with your clients. Customers who see you acting honestly and with integrity, especially where the opportunity existed for some immoral exploitation, are more likely to return for repeat business and continue to support you.

You should practice integrity towards your employees as well, whether they identify as Christian or not, but it is also important that employees don’t feel they can take advantage of your good nature because you are a Christian. Some people still imagine that a Christian business will not fire their workers. This is obviously not the case. Specialized HR management software will allow you to effectively track your employee's performance. SelectHub has a guide to choosing the right HR management software for a business.

Trust between you, the employer, and your workers, as well as customers, is vital if your business is to thrive, and is also an important virtue to practice whenever you can. Placing trust in the people required to keep your organization afloat Is a long-term investment with numerous pay offs.

Running a business in accordance with your Christian values is not always easy, but it is beneficial to you and your customers in the long run. It is also an important demonstration of your personal commitment to your faith, and by adhering to the teachings of the Bible when it is most difficult to do so should be a boost to your confidence.

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