Keep Your Children on the Right Path

For older generations, it can often be disheartening to see Millennials and younger generations fall away from their Christian faith due to outside influences in the world. From music videos to television shows, the media has managed to cause younger adults to stray from their faith over time. Although it can be difficult to stay faithful to God and focus on Him in a busy and chaotic culture, there are a few ways to stay on track and walk close to the Lord.

Avoid Distractions
One of the most common ways that the enemy likes to lead Christians astray from their faith is through distractions. Distractions keep us overly busy and make it difficult for us to find time to attend church or read the Word of God. It's important to recognize certain distractions that may be taking you away from your relationship with the Lord. Social media seems to be one of the main culprits and have caused both young adult and older adults to spend several hours each day scrolling through feeds and posts. Consider deleting your accounts or setting rules for yourself to avoid wasting precious time. Set a timer to ensure that you don't get distracted and can disconnect.

You may also want to avoid watching too much television each day and use discernment with the type of music that you listen to in the car. Susie Davis recommends shutting off the radio and spending your time in the car praying and communing with God.

Schedule Time with God
According to Billy Graham, you'll need to make it a point to schedule time with God each day. It can often be easy to forget to read the Bible or turn on worship music when you have busy and stressful days. Scheduling time with God in the morning, at night, or on your lunch break will allow you to stay close and avoid falling behind in your walk with Him. According to Crosswalk, it's important to get out in nature and have a change of scenery if you want to spend more time with Him. You can also close your eyes while listening to worship music and spend time listening to what God is saying.

Find a Good Community
Finding a community is essential to spiritual growth and having accountability. Look for a church in the local area that has like-minded individuals and is theologically sound. Pray about finding the right community where you can make friends and find a family of other spiritual believers. Seniors who wish to compare aged care must also find places where Bible studies are offered, or other believers are present to ensure that they grow. Pray about finding close friends that you can fellowship with to ensure that you remain faithful.

Get Fed
Find places where you can get spiritually fed to ensure that you grow in your knowledge of God and don't remain stagnant. Find sermons that are posted online to listen to or read Christian books that are recommended by family members or friends.

Create Goals
Creating goals is important to ensure that you're producing good fruit and have something to show for your faith. Consider feeding the homeless on the weekends, ministering to a coworker at your job, or finding someone to mentor to ensure that you can be an example to other individuals. You can also create goals that include reading the Bible in a year or starting a small group where you can minister to other Christians. You'll not only grow in your faith but can minister to other people who need shepherding.

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