Mandatory Gender Education

Oh, to be child in elementary school these days. Learning to be equipped to handle life is far more inclusive than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Understanding gender begins in Kindergarten.

And each grade level incrementally increases understanding. Students are learning how to express gender identity. But have no fear, by fourth grade nine year olds can define sexual orientation. By fifth grade they learn how media influences them and are guided in seeking out “trusted adults” to help with their own questions about personal identity.

When students head to middle school they’ll understand how people sense their own gender and the how they should act based on how they feel based on their “assigned biological sex”.

This sexual health curriculum has been approved for Washington State’s elementary public schools. And there is plenty of outrage that school officials would seek to “educate” students on gender.

But consider this: who will educate students and help them develop more sensitivity to a confusing and conflicting subject?

As a former sexual health counselor for a Christian-based ministry, I have seen how reticent parents are to talk about sex with their kids. While the whole gender-identity issue has become explosive because of gender-neutral bathrooms, at the core of this issue are real people. Many are confused. Yes, some suffering gender confusion have been unduly influenced by parents, but they are still people created in the image of God.

So, if our schools can help students become more aware and thus more sensitive to the confusion and suffering, could it perhaps lead to more compassion?

While we can debate whether or not the education should be done in public schools, education is still needed. Parents still have a voice—they remain the MOST influential force in their children’s lives. Speak up about gender identity—explain that everyone is loved by God and through the love of Christ, we all can find our true identity.

The Christian Post