Shopping Addiction Affects Financial Status And Leads To Debt

There are different kinds of addiction, some are known and felt, but there are some that you cannot feel. Shopping is one such kind of addiction which you do not know or recognize. When you feel a ‘high’ on spending, useful or unnecessarily, you are said to be a shopping addict. Just like any other addiction, you would go to any extent just to fulfill that urge or desire to you. You can borrow money from friends or any lender or use credit card extensively. Such addiction would weaken your financial health, and you would fall into the debt trap.

Changes Your Behavior

There are a lot of people that suffer from shopping addiction unknowingly. This addiction may also change your behavior, and you may even resort to criminal means just to support your addiction. It is a disease, also known as compulsive buying disorder or compulsive shopping, which affects millions of people worldwide. It is a mental disorder which excites the nerve cells of the brain to give you the pleasure when you spend money. You feel satisfied and proud to have spent some money, however unnecessary it may be.

Nothing Official About It

Though there is no official recognition of this mental disorder by any medical or psychiatric association, there are agencies and counselors who can help you out in such conditions and also help you to formulate a strategic plan to come out of the debt which you may have created unknowingly. Though there is no legitimacy of the disorder to the doctors, you cannot deny the ill effects that debt could have on your personal as well as professional life. Addiction for shopping could be of different types, and you may be addicted to a specific product or like to buy anything and everything under the sky, from beauty products to food items, from real estate to stocks and shares.

Facts About It

The effects of such addiction are same as any drug addiction where once your brain associates with the pleasure derived from addiction, sends messages to recreate the same effect, again and again, making you repeat the action. There is not gender discrimination of such addiction as well just like other addiction. However, the age of such addiction can be restricted to the middle age groups and young generation who have enough cash available along with the urge to spend and show off to others. This inevitably is the age group that suffers from the consequences of other debts as well.

Symptoms Of It

If you have a shopping addiction, you will tend to hide problems and also the things that you may have bought. You would also tend to believe in yourself that you have enough money to buy an item and can manage to pay it later easily. You tend to show off your wealth to others, feel relieved from stress when you shop, take on new credit cards without paying off the balances on the previous ones and much more.

Use of credit card is common these days for shopping but many people fail to pay off their bills on time which lead them to trouble. Using credit card is not bad but at the same time paying your bills on time is important. But if you are from those who are already struggling with credit card issues and are finding no way then checking out for credit card consolidation loan reviews and going for consolidation can be a smart move. Try it out and make things easy for you and lead a tension free life.

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