D Day

D Day

On My Birthday sixty-nine years ago today our country with our allies engaged in a most terrifying venture this country ever had to that time. We made the most incredible water attack ever attempted to the time. The average age of those brave men, as they were called, was 20 years old. Some were 15 and 16 years of age who lied about their age in order to serve their country. Literally thousands were killed: young husbands, brothers and sons, never to return home to their loved ones. At Omaha Beach, the worst of all landings, American boys were caught in a crossfire of 60 machine gun nests which by all accounts no one should have been able to reach cover. but out of fear combined with sheer determination they would eventually be able to get enough troops in position to do their job.

Many paratroopers who were assigned to land behind the enemy lines and secure bridges were literally shot and killed while they were falling from the sky. There were some who landed in trees and caught on buildings shot and killed where they hung. But they too were successful in accomplishing their job. It is hard to imagine how much fear they faced just to free a continent under the brutal and terrifying conquerors, Nazi Germany. The SS troops took no prisoners and murdered hundreds if not thousands of troops who should have been prisoners of war. I like to think that the Lord was on our side, and He was, because we were a nation in good standing with Him. But you cannot just assume He was because in Biblical History, God used nations who were not believers in Him, idol worshipers, to either defeat and enslave His people or to rescue them from bondage. Whatever reason we were successful in rescuing the remnant of the Jewish people. He had heard their call once again and we were the catalyst to fulfill His will. I pray that we were in His favor then. But since then we are a nation that is moving more and more away from God and my hope is that I along with all of you and as many as we can turn will be in the next remnant in God's favor. Pray for all those souls lost in the brutal camps and all the brave men He used to rescue His people. Remind all the young ones of this most important date in our history.

 In the love of Jesus Christ, Gary

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