Where is the World Headed the Sunday Before Election Day?

The Sunday before an Election Day may not be any different for many Americans, but for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, it is a day to crisscross the country looking for any undecided voters in a handful of key swing states. It is also a time to ask after a year of campaigning, where are their lives headed after Tuesday's election?

As I awoke early this morning in Tampa, Florida, the fog coming off of the bay was so thick I could hardly see the parking lot from my balcony on the fifth floor. It seemed to be as clear as the barrage of television ads that ran non-stop between any regularily scheduled program or newscast. Now I can sympathize with those of you living in these states and having to endure the number of negative ads you've been exposed to.

On the recommendation of a colleague, I drove 25 miles east of Tampa to attend services at First Baptist Church in Plant City, FL., pastored by Dr. Michael Lewis. I was curious if he would be preaching on a issue pertaining to the election, but that was not the case. His sermon series, "Living on a Mountain," was about Christians not having a critical spirit and the reasons to avoid harshly judging others. It was a message the leaders of both campaigns needed to hear.

Dr. Lewis' only reference to the election was a question he asked at the beginning of his sermon when he referenced a question he frequently receives during election year, "Pastor, what is this world coming to?"

His response was one every Christian knows and is commanded to espouse. "The world is coming to Jesus."


The Christian Post