There’s an ‘Elephant in the Room’ at Democratic Convention

You’ve already heard that on Wednesday that after taking severe criticism about removing any reference to God in the party platform, Democrats scurried to reinsert language so they wouldn’t have to defend the issue during the campaign. However, they may have drawn more attention to the issue by the way it was handled.

But what about the boo’s that resonated from the delegates? Where they actually booing God or just mad about having to give in to criticism from the right?

Using a popular, non-partisan slogan that means there is a huge issue looming that no one wants to recognize or talk about it, there is still a very large “elephant in the room” that Democrats are desperately trying to ignore. Maybe we’ll start calling it the “donkey in the room.” On second thought, elephant sounds better.

As I was walking into the convention hall this morning, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz just happened to be entering at the same time (but not through the same entrance press is relegated to).

I asked if she felt the crowd booing the motion to add God and Jerusalem back into the platform would create problems for the party, she looked up, asked me what media organization I was represented. “The Christian Post,” I responded.

“I don’t have time for that stuff,” she said, quickly walking away, in a tone almost as terse as her conversation with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Wednesday night. The only difference is Cooper is a known liberal.

Democrats still have a rather large “elephant in the room” and ignoring the issue will not make it go way. Today I’ll be talking to delegates and asking their opinion on the issue.

More later.

The Christian Post