Can Romney Make Headway With Jewish Voters?

I was in Sanford, Fla. bright and early this morning to attend Mitt Romney's final campaign appearance in this critical swing state. After the speech I moved through the audience looking for comments to include in my article and ended up interviewing two Jewish women who are devout Romney supporters.

Statistics tell us that the vast majority of Jewish voters are Democrats but with so much emphasis being placed on national security and the tense relationship (or lack thereof) between Israel and Iran, it made me wonder if Romney had a chance to get more of the Jewish vote than McCain or Bush picked up in previous years?

One of the women I talked to was Jewish by birth, the other converted when she was 17 and also is a Messianic Jew (believes Christ is the true Messiah). But both are deeply concerned about Isarel and what could happen if President Obama is elected to a second term. They also feel that more of their Jewish friends are going to vote for Gov. Romney but will not discuss the issue publically for fear of ridicule from their friends and family.

Based on my research and from the countless interviews I conducted over the past 16 months, I feel that President Obama needs to get at least 90 percent of the Black vote if he is going to win. Anything less puts places him in dangerous waters. I'm not quite sure what percent of the Jewish vote Obama needs to carry, but it seems Romney is making some headway in this small but politically active group.

We'll know in less that 48 hours.

The Christian Post