Upcoming Conference Contends for the Faith through Story

Have you ever pondered the significance of the fact that Jesus did much of his speaking through parables? Granted, even then people didn't get it many of the times, but at the very least, they paid attention!

Pastors have been incorporating stories and anecdotes into their sermons for a long time, but apologists- defenders of the Christian faith- and storytellers haven't usually given due weight to the power that story has in the human heart.

There is a conference coming up, April 19-21st, that is dedicated to calling apologists and writers and artists and others interested in furthering the Kingdom of God. It calls attention to several points:

1. Since we are so receptive to absorbing things through the culture via stories, novels, movies, etc, Christians in particular should exercise discernment in all things.

2. Christians can use both the good and the bad in our culture to explain, defend, and transmit the Christian faith; both existing stories and new stories can be applied to different aspects of the veracity of Christianity- including the fact that we respond to Story!

3. Christians should be engaged in our culture, adding our voices and our content, deliberately. However, we should do so with excellence, both in regards to the art form in question... AND OUR THEOLOGY. Just because you can write a good yarn and are a Christian doesn't mean your story will be a positive and godly contribution to the culture. Your theology will be expressed in your work, whether you take your theology seriously... or not.

This year, one day of the conference is devoted to straight up apologetics, and this day is completely free. The other two days require paid registration and discuss the intersection of apologetics, Christianity, and the arts, in more detail. Speakers include Dale Ahlquist of the Chesterton Society, Dr. Gene Edward Veith, of World Magazine, and 15 others.

The conference is online, so you can attend from anywhere.

More info: http://onlineapologeticsconference.com/

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