How Much Time Do You Waste at Work?

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According to a recent survey of workers, 89% admitted they waste time daily during work time. In 2013 Forbes Magazine reported, "Millennials waste about 2 hours per day—an entire 40 hours a month!"

Social media websites -- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram -- are the most obvious culprits for workplace distraction. Other bad influences include March Madness and pornography. Forbes also reported, "Nielsen has found that 25 percent of working adults admit to looking at pornography on a computer at work. And 70 percent of all online pornography access occurs between 9 AM and 5 PM."

This infographic reports the least productive workday is Friday and the hours of 3-5 pm are the most wasteful. Besides the internet, meetings and interacting with other employees are other major forms of workplace time wasting.

In Ephesians 5:16 the Bible teaches us to redeem the time we have.

Time Wasting in the Workplace

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