What A Married Guy Said To His Friend Who Was About To Get Married

We both were childhood friends. Grew up in the same neighbourhood. Went to the same school. Bunked the same college. Liked the same girls J

So when I was about to get married, I couldn’t think of anyone else but Amit to have ‘the talk’ with. I was slightly nervous about the wedding and the future. Amit and Maya had been married for over a year and I thought no one would give me better advice about marriage than him.

And he came through! The five golden rules he told me about marriage that day over a cup of coffee have helped me so much in enjoying a happy successful marriage.

Rule Number 1: Marriage is the coming together of two families. Your marriage includes not only your wife, but your wife’s family as well – you should respect and participate in her family as much as you expect her to respect and participate in yours. You must remember to include them in your happy moments and take care of them if things get hard. But also remember to keep them out of your fights. Never say hurtful things about each other’s families in a moment of rage. This creates unnecessary unpleasantness.

Rule Number 2- Be ready to adjust. Adjusting doesn’t mean that you have to lose your individuality. It simply means that you care for other person’s individuality as well. When you live as a bachelor, you can do everything on your own terms. Sleep when you want, wake up when you want, keep things the way you want, but this may change once you’re married. If you disagree on something, be patient and give each other a fair hearing. After that, see if you can come up with a solution that you both can be happy with.

Rule Number 3- There will be good days and bad days. In your marriage there will be days when you’ll feel that no one in this world can make you feel complete the way your wife does, and on such days you’ll love everything about marriage. But there will be other days when things might not look so bright. On such days, remember, fighting is normal. On these bad days, remember the good ones! There are bound to be arguments, but don’t sleep angry- finish the fight the same day! Wake up each morning with only love in your heart.

Rule Number 4- Express love often. In the daily running and humdrum of life, we often forget to say thank you or love you to the people who are closest to us. We start taking them for granted and think they’ll be with us forever. Do not make this mistake! You both should show love for each other often. And you don’t need to always go out of your way to show love. Simple things such as helping her around the house or going for that movie she can’t wait for will go a long way in cementing your relationship.

Rule Number 5- Plan for and secure her future. The first thing you must do as a couple is buy a term life insurance plan, because you have promised to take care of each other, no matter what. You must pool your finances and invest sensibly right from the start! Begin with investing small amounts regularly in long term equity products so that you can grow your wealth by the time you need it most. Make sure you nominate each other on your investments, and don’t wait for something to go wrong to inform each other about where your savings are. Discuss money matters and always be transparent with your finances – in good times and bad.

You are each other’s anchor for the future – secure each other, emotionally, financially, in health, friendship, in illness, love and bad times. Most importantly, enjoy each other’s company and do what you can to make each other happy.

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