Top 5 Ab Workouts For Women

Ab workouts form a basic part of any workout regime. But, what makes it even tougher is the hard work you need to put in that results in only a marginal difference? Does it not appear to be waste of time? Are there any regimes and exercises that promise better and more importantly, faster results? We consulted the professionals to know more and present you the best regimes you can use for the effective Ab Workouts  that should work better.

1. Cable Twist

This regime is what would help you achieve your core. The exercise lets you learn the ways to maintain your core stability.

How to Do it –Stand with your right to the cable stack. Keeping the cable at your chest height, extend your arms in front. Now keep abs tight and twist torso to left, keeping hands at chest height. Do this ten times. Now turn to opposite direction and repeat the steps – this time twisting to the right. Repeat ten times.

Don’t pull the cable as it forms part of shoulder exercise. If you don’t have a cable stack, use a resistance band instead.

2. Shoulder and Knee Taps

Planks can be amazing. It would help you keep your muscles engaged. In fact. It can be considered to be an all in one exercise that takes care of abs, lower back, arms and a host of joints as well.

How To Do It –Begin with pushup stance and abs tight. Lift yourright-hand to tap left shoulder and return to the floor. Now lift your left hand to tap right shoulder return to the floor. Bring right knee to bring it to left elbow and return to start. Quickly bend left knee to bring it to right elbow and return to start. Repeat these steps.

Not to worry if your elbows can notreach knees. You can achieve it with practice.


This exercise is meant for your lower back. One of the best features of the exercise is it does not need any equipment.

How To Do It –Stretch out the arms an lie on the floor face down. Outstretched arms should be overhead. Lift legs chest simultaneously. Hold for a moment and then come back to the start position. That completes one rep. Do at least 10 to 12 times at a stretch.

Don’t overarch your back. It can result in injury in some cases.

4. Side Plank

It engages most of the muscles at the same time. It helps you tighten and tone down your abs.

How To Do It –Lie on your left, by resting your left forearmon the floor. Raise the hips so that your body is at a straight line. Tighten your abs. Hold for around 30 seconds and then come back to start. Now repeat the steps for the right side.

Never lose focus on what you have to achieve. Distractions can cause a sloppy look to your abs. This is a perfect exercise to get into a good form.

5.Medicine Ball Slams

This regime focusses not only on abs but also on butt and hips. It can be the best way to release stress if you have had a hard day at work.

How To Do It –Stand with feet slightly wider. Hold the med ball at chest height. Squat till your thighs are parallel to the floor. Drive through your heels and bring the ball overhead by straightening your legs. Keeping the abs tight, slam the ball to the floor. That would complete one rep. Try repeating the process for 30 to 45 seconds.

Do not tilt your back when you lift the ball overhead. It can cause injury to your lower body.

In Conclusion

This concludes the list of a few top exercises that can work best to achieve best results for your ab workouts. Go get it and enjoy! We are sure the tips indicated herein would help you achieve your dream of getting excellent abs for a better living.

If you think the steps involved in the workouts suggested here is a little confusing, you can consult a professional in your area. However, we would stress that these steps would help you get better abs that you can show off with minimal efforts and without the need for any extra types of equipment.

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