Why Does the Constitution Matter? (An Opinion)

Now is the time to exercise faith in God. Now is the time to repent of apathy, complacency, and laziness. Now is the time to stand for God’s gift of liberty for His children. Now is the time to pray and gird myself with courage to encourage my family, friends, and neighbors to exercise their voting privilege. November’s election is too critical to ignore.

I’ve promoted, “The Constitution Matters.” God challenged, “Why does the Constitution matter?” I offered my pat answer. “It matters because you, Jesus, created all men equal and inspired the founders to create a government structure where the Gospel would always have a voice in the market place of ideas.”

I liked this clever answer so much, I failed to ask, “Is this true or, a fanciful rationalization?” Did I have a surface, intellectual, sound-bite conception, or an internal comprehension of what liberty is, does it exist, do I need it to live, and why is it important to my life and to all others? Is it important to God? I always thought so. Am I wrong?

As a fiction writer, I often create characters that live the “Christian life,” better than I do. As the Lord brought me to familiar scriptures (like Matthew 7:3-5), He showed me my shortcomings. He pulled aside my self-made veil. He revealed an angry, confused, faithless man pulling more leavers, turning more knobs, and blowing more smoke than the, “Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” who when exposed, yelled, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” I repented. He made me free.

He showed me twenty-seven verses addressing the subject of liberty. Several discussed it in terms of a gift from men to other men; others, a birthright. I focused on those that reveal it as a gift from The Messiah such as: Isaiah 61:1, Galatians 5:13, and II Corinthians 3:17. His liberty becomes complete under a personal relationship to Him. I am persuaded, Liberty is His idea, it is important to Him, and He is not neutral regarding its preservation.

The Apostle, James, commends believers to live under the perfect law of liberty. This election is vital. Our Constitution may not be that perfect law of liberty, but followers of Jesus Christ – regardless of denomination – must unite and embrace our God given responsibility to care for one another. We may fail, but asking law makers to do what God requires us to do is the sin of abdication. Now is the time to arrest power from Washington masterminds and behave as mature, responsible citizens. Now is the time for every liberty-loving American to come to the aid of his country.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

Charles J. Patricoff is a Messianic conservative, speaker at Pro-Life and Tea Party rallies, and served as a career, Regular Officer in the United States Air Force. He teaches Technical Writing, Political Science, The American Civil War, and The United States Constitution at Colorado Christian University, and has worked in the aerospace industry for thirty years. He is the author of the American Civil War epic Destination Hope series (Book 1, Separation, and Book 2, Emancipation are already released)—OakTara.


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