Lessons From a Sunflower

As late summer approached, my teenage youth group members watched eagerly as their sunflowers were measured and their height was recorded. Nearly ten weeks prior to this date we had placed small seeds into the ground, and now many of the flowers exceeded twelve feet in height.

The weeks continued to pass and finally, on the thirteenth week, we were able to remove the large seed heads from some of the more mature plants. The seed heads weighed a couple of pounds and were filled with numerous seeds.

We had to let the seed heads dry, but the following week we shelled the seeds and counted them. The object of the lesson was to show how that one seed could render so many other seeds. I had used Luke chapter 8 and Christ's Parable of the Sower as a guide for the multi-week project and as the teenagers counted the seeds I could see the lights turning on in their minds. They were seeing firsthand how that God can give a mighty increase when a seed is sown, and it didn't take electronics, humor, or entertainment to do so.

The largest sunflower head that we shelled had more than 1,100 seeds that made up the massive seed head. More than 1,100 seeds were produced from one seed!
As amazing as that is, the fact that God gives a great increase when we sow His word is even more remarkable. According to Luke 8:11, the seed is the Word of God and all that we can do as God's children is sow the seed wherever we are. May we sow the gospel thoroughly and pray for a great harvest of souls.

Jarrod E. Stephens is a schoolteacher, outdoorsman, farmer, and freelance writer. He is also the author of two novels: Family Field Days and The Road Less Graveled (both OakTara). www.jarrodestephens.com

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