Keys to the Elisha Double Anointing

It all starts by solving the mystery of The Great Omission!

Is that a typo? Don’t you mean the Great Commission? You remember, don’t you? The Great Commission as spoken by Jesus Christ? It’s traditionally defined as the most important mission of the New Testament Church. As you may know, it has been widely taught that every believer in Christ should be involved in “sharing the plan of salvation” (also called the Gospel of Jesus Christ) with as many as possible. And as enough people accept Christ as their personal Savior a new church would be started and lives would be changed.

As a young teenage Christian, I can remember when I was taught to share the plan of salvation with someone and lead them in the prayer of salvation, thinking that my God-given responsibilities were completed; but were they? Have you ever done that or felt that way? Is that really what the Great Commission says in Matthew 28? I’ve discovered that some things have been forgotten and therefore omitted. That’s why I called this article “The Great Omission”, rather than the Great Commission.
As a result, over the past 100 years some American evangelical churches have grown in great number. But have their lives been changed? And have they changed their culture? Have they been preaching repentance? Or perhaps many have been teaching an easy-believe-ism and sloppy-agape gospel? Many religious surveys have shown that divorce and other social maladies are just as bad in American evangelical churches as in the secular world. For example, in the USA, recent surveys have shown that around 75% of Americans call themselves “Christian”, yet our public schools and federal government seem to be running from anything that honors the God of the Bible or the Bible of the Christian God. Why?

One reason is that many Christians have trained their converts “to share the Gospel of Christ, get people saved and plant new churches”, while thinking they are fulfilling the Great Commission. And by doing that, American Christians have believed that they were being obedient to the words of Jesus as spoken in Matthew 28: 16-20. But is that what the Great Commission really says in Matthew 28? And is that really what the Gospel of Christ is? And most of all, what does the Bible actually say about the Great Commission and the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

This article will attempt to answer those questions and try to help the body of Christ return to the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while fulfilling the Great Commission as taught by Jesus.
As a young Christian, I had a more limited understanding of what the Great Commission of Jesus Christ was. I thought that if I could just proclaim the Gospel to everyone, using tools like radio, television, and publications, I will have fully obeyed the Great Commission. Have you ever thought that? But then I discovered Christ’s teachings about the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom Is Present and Future

Attempts to see the Kingdom of God as a future event are mostly the product of the late nineteenth century's rise of dispensationalists. The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us the Kingdom is to be sought in our lives, to be received now, that a man in Christ's day could see it and enter into it, and that it is found among us. Imposing a parenthetical "church age" into history to defer such references to an end-of-time eschatological millennium does not work, for Paul speaks of the Kingdom in the present tense.

Other passages refer to the Kingdom as a progressive, developing fact. The Lord's Prayer petitions "Thy kingdom come," whereas we are told that "the kingdom of God is come" and that it is on earth and in heaven. Many of the parables regarding the Kingdom describe it in terms of the growth of a seed, tree, or yeast that develops over a period of time. These scriptures are in support of Genesis 8:22 when God declares, "As long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." The words ‘seedtime and harvest’, I believe, are a type and shadow of the coming Kingdom of God as preached by Jesus Christ and the John the Baptist.

There is no denying that many references to the Kingdom are in the future as well. It is described as existing at the end of the world and after the final judgment. The angelic messenger told Mary it would have "no end" and the Epistles refer to it as "an everlasting kingdom" that is "forever and ever."
Well, the Great Commission of Jesus is not just to preach the Gospel to the entire world, but also to make disciples of all nations. Let’s look at what Matthew 28 actually says.

MATTHEW 28:18-20, NKJ

18 Then Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. 19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 "teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

As you can see, this passage mentions four things:

1. All authority was given to Jesus,

2. Make disciples of all nations, 3. baptize those disciples in the mane of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and

4. Teach those disciples to obey all that Jesus taught.

The Great Commission includes teaching disciples to do all the things Jesus taught His original disciples.

A commission is (1) an authorization to perform certain duties, or to take on certain powers, (2) authority to act in behalf of another, (3) an entrusting, as of power, authority, etc., to a person/body.

When considering all of the words Jesus said and what he taught, he frequently said to the disciples to “follow me”, not just accept me as Savior, or just pray this prayer after me. Further, I found that the Greek meaning of the words translated “believe” or “faith” referred to both mental assent/convictions and corresponding actions. Perhaps that was most clearly communicated in the book of James, “faith without works is dead”. For example, if you believe (biblically; re: the Greek meaning) that a chair will hold you if you sit in it, then you will sit in the chair. But if one doesn’t really believe that the chair will hold you, then you won’t sit in the chair. In summary, the “faith” that Jesus taught compelled the true believers to have corresponding actions in support of their specific beliefs, not simply mental assent.

This is clear in contrasting the ways of the Greeks during the time of Christ, because they loved to meet and debate various philosophies, while believing that true knowledge was purely intellectual. If they could intelligently and persuasively discuss their point of views in public, then they were admired and revered. Some of the more famous Greeks who participated in this were Plato and Socrates. Many American educational philosophies that have been implemented in US Public Schools have their origins in Greek philosophy. Can you see the difference between the Biblical meaning of faith and the Greek philosophical meaning of faith? The Greek Philosophy meaning of faith was to give mental assent only to something, but the Biblical meaning of faith is to give mental assent along with corresponding actions in support of that belief. As the book of James teaches, “Faith without works is dead.” I believe many have confused mental assent to the Gospel message and Biblical faith that requires corresponding actions. The Gospel teaches that we can have a relationship with God and each other that is “supernatural”. In those relationships we can experience a peace that passes all understanding and the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father.

Jesus clearly taught that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is actually the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, referring to a new and greater governmental order of God in which heaven will/can invade earth and of which there will be no end. So, the Gospel (good news) is that Jesus was legally returning everything back to mankind that was lost when Adam and Eve lost it through their disobedience in the Garden of Eden. This restoration of certain legal rights to all that will believe includes all three parts of man – body, soul and spirit. See the diagram below.

Looking at the picture above, take note of the Greek word “SOZO”. SOZO is the transliteration in English of the Greek work translated as saved and salvation as mentioned in the Bible. This is what Jesus died for on the cross. Notice that for every part of man that exists, Jesus made provision for our complete restoration on the cross. It is included in salvation. Jesus died for every part of us – body, soul and spirit. A more complete translation of SOZO would “to be made whole”. And interestingly, some English translations actually translate it that way. Instead of Jesus declaring healing and miracles by saying “Be Healed!” Jesus is quoted saying, “Be made whole!” Although all won’t be restored until the appointed time, we can enjoy as much of our inheritance in Christ as we have the faith to receive right now, because “faith is now”.

The word SOZO (translated as ‘salvation’) actually has 3 parts to its meaning. It means: Saved, Healed, and Delivered. Saved is referring to your spirit, where Jesus died so that your spirit may be renewed and filled with the Holy Spirit, that you may enter into a relationship with Father and enjoy eternal life. Healed is referring to your physical body where Jesus died so that your physical body may be healed. And deliverance is referring to your Soul. Now your Soul, being made up of your mind, will, and emotions is where addictions can occur. It is also where many of our traumas are stored. Deliverance is about freeing us from hurts, bondages and addictions, so that we don't have to be tormented anymore. That is one reason why it is called the good news (gospel) of Christ.

The Mystery of the Kingdom

Colossians 1: 27, “To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

In Christ, we now have the potential to live free from bondage in our souls, oppression in our spirits and diseases in our bodies, while having all of our physical needs supplied as stated in Matthew 6: 33, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you.”

The double anointing (empowerment) that Elisha received was a type of end-time anointing mentioned in the book Revelation. That's why, I believe, that anointing was the combination of The Kingly & Priestly anointing. That's also why the Spirit of Elijah (Elisha's mentor) is prophesied to return during the last days, because Christ restored all things. And Adam was given the double anointing of the kingly & priestly in the Garden of Eden. The Elisha double anointing has been available for whoever will believe it, receive it and activate it ever since Jesus’ resurrection.

I believe that Elijah had a priestly anointing only, because his assignment was to defeat all of the false prophets supporting Jezebel. However, Elisha got Elijah's priestly anointing and a kingly anointing - a double anointing.

We can only operate in the delegated authority that God has given us. I believe that's why Elisha sent a son of the prophets to Jehu instead of going himself. It was all about God's delegated authority. Elijah prophesied to Elisha to prophecy to Jehu, a commander in Ahab's army, to get rid of Ahab & Jezebel. After which, he would become the next King, indicating that God had delegated to Jehu a kingly anointing to rule over Israel, but not a priestly anointing. The kingly anointing brings earth to heaven. The priestly anointing brings heaven to earth. For example, Jesus became the Lamb of God (priestly anointing) and after the resurrection, Jesus became the Lion of Judah – The King of Kings. That’s why Jesus is called the King of Kings and our High Priest. And we’re also called to follow Jesus and become kings & priests.

The Lord has given me four major revelations that are protocols/prerequisites for the Body of Christ to overcome the Spirit of Ahab & Jezebel stronghold in America. And after carefully reading the stories Elijah, Elisha, the company of prophets and Jehu, I noticed that they understood and honored these four truths, which were instrumental in defeating King Ahab & Jezebel as depicted in 2 Kings 8-10. Here they are...

1. Understanding God's Delegated Authority

2. Activating the Ancient Model of Discipleship

3. Restoring the Jewish Roots of Christianity

4. Receiving the Elisha Double Anointing

In this article, I will only discuss number 4, “Receiving the Elisha Double Anointing”.

First, we need to remember that God wants us to stand on the shoulders of the previous generation to take the kingdom of God to the next generation. To accomplish that, we need to understand and honor delegated authority, while believing, receiving and activatingthe end-time Elisha double anointing or empowerment.
Elisha took what Elijah taught, stood on Elijah's shoulders and sent a son of the prophets under his leadership to cause King Ahab & Queen Jezebel to be defeated.
I believe it took the double anointing (Kingly & Priestly) to overcome the passivity of Ahab and the manipulation of Jezebel. The same is true today.

I believe the Lord has shown me that the Republican Party establishment in the US is like Ahab and the Democratic Party is like Jezebel. And God is going to prune American politics of these evil influences through the Elisha Company of Prophets that are being raised-up right now the same way God used Elisha. Are you one of them?

God says that He has heard our prayers (2 Chronicles 7:14) and He's taking steps to heal our land, while turning things upside down to make them right side up in America.

God is in the process of pruning his bride-to-be to enable us to have greater fruit and begin to release on the world The Sons of God. Here are the steps I hear the Lord saying that He's doing right now. And I also hear him saying that whoever will believe, receive and activate this truth will enjoy the Elisha double empowerment! But, first will come the pruning.

Step 1: Pruning the hearts of those that are bearing fruit, more fruit & much fruit, especially the leaders to bear fruit, more fruit & much fruit according to John 15.

Step 2: Pruning all leadership in the 7 mountains of culture/influence according to Proverbs, "He who stiffens his neck after many rebukes will suddenly be cut-off without remedy".

Step 3: Those "branches" in & out of the church (John 15) that are not bearing fruit will be cut off and put under the feet of the righteous.

Proverbs: "He who stiffens his neck after many rebukes will be suddenly cut-off without remedy".

When men looked at young David, they saw a Shepherd Boy. But when God looked at David he saw a King.

My friend: When God looks at you, what does he see?

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