The Sound of Children's Laughter

A Little Girl’s Inspiring Legacy: Christina-Taylor Green
By Anna McKenzie
On behalf of Worthy Publishing

The Sound of Children's Laughter

“ ‘The thing I will remember most about Christina was her well-developed sense of humor. Oh, how she could make us laugh with her witty comments. We will all miss her terribly.’” – Kathie DeKnikker, Christina’s third grade teacher, As Good As She Imagined

Say what you like about comedy, but children are some of the funniest people in the world. Whether it’s their innocence, confidence, smarts, outspokenness, punnyness or sillyness, they have a humor unlike any other. And when children laugh in pure joy, it is impossible not to be caught up in the moment with them.

Christina-Taylor was a bright and good-natured child. She also happened to be quippy and quick-witted—and it was an upbeat source of entertainment for her third grade teacher and classmates. Laughter truly is a stress-reliever and a gift. It is amazing what a little joke can do to lighten the mood, create a genial atmosphere, and increase the fun for everyone involved.

We live in a serious world, and there are plenty of times when we easily turn to despair. The reality of life can be raw and harsh; there is no sugarcoating to most of the terrible things that happen on our planet. Yet when we let ourselves get entrenched in mortal angst, we forget part of who we are.

But in a simple and powerful way, the humor of children can bring us back to ourselves.

Christina-Taylor’s passing was harsh. It was not easy to accept or understand. But the harshness is not what we remember about her. We remember, instead, the laughter. The love, the joy, the good humor and the hope—that’s what rises from the ashes of the tragedy, inextinguishable in the memories of all who knew her.

Laughter, when pure and well-intentioned, has a heavenly quality. It keeps our spirits high and our hearts hopeful. The ability of children like Christina-Taylor to share this gift is invaluable, and it reminds us of the goodness of life and not its ills. We must not underestimate the sound of children’s laughter, or their heart for fun, or their silly jokes.

A God who created humor and loves children has sent us these small sparks of comedy to remind us that the divine is still with us. From these innocent, happy moments, we begin to understand that we are experiencing pieces of a joyful heaven where, someday, we will spend our days in laughter.

This blog is about Christina’s life, and it is based on the book As Good As She Imagined, released January 3, 2012.

***To hear more about the Green family and their story, look for them in the January/February issue of Homecoming Magazine and in Significant Living Magazine in May. You can also check out the feature story in People Magazine in stores today. ***

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